Presidio International
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It has no meaning for us to say:

„We will do our best!“

Rather, we reach the agreed goals by carrying out the necessary things in the right way!

A heartfelt welcome at Presidio International

Based on our international and long-term experience we offer

- Consultancy and implementation (project business & sales)
- Agency for High End Technologies

in the business sectors machine- and plant-construction, automotive and aerospace - worldwide.

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On-site project development

- Project launching / support
- „Task force“ (up to six months)
- Project management and controlling
- Change and claim management

On-site services

- Identification of new markets
- Market study and analysis
- Marketing support on location
- Product management
- Liaison with trade representatives and with local decision-makers
- Trade fairs (Design and organising of trade fairs, running those fairs and arranging private business contacts)

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To establish, maintain and intensify trading relationships from the EU to Middle East and South America.

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Business developments will be realized through strategic thoroughness of planning between the EU and East Asia.

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Marketing project in the automotive industry "quick repair" & "tuning shop" in the Republic of Korea, Seoul

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